Bolton Shelter
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The new Bolton Shelter is suitable for all types of locations from schools to retail parks. The strong aesthetically pleasing shelter offers a practical solution to bike storage and a variety of other applications.


Length 3300mm Depth 2460mm Height 2100mm


  • Uprights made of 101mm tube, roof frame made of 64mm tube
  • Galvanised finish as standard
  • Roof sheets are clear view PET 5mm thick sheeting
  • The main bay can accommodate up to 8 bikes with 4 Sheffield cycle stands (not included). Extensions bays also available.

Supplied in component form for easy installation on site. Cladding/roofing needs to be fixed on site. Sheeting is clamped to frame using clamping strips. Legs can be flanged for bolting down to a suitable concrete base (400 cube minimum) or with ragged ends for casting into the ground.

Ground fixing bolts can be supplied extra. Flanged version: 16 16mm bolts required per flanged main bay, 8 per flanged extension bay Ragged version: Excavate a hole 500mmx500mmx400mm deep for casting in each end.

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