The Wall Dock
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The Wall Dock holds 1 bike, a secure and economical solution for storing your bikes in the shed/garage. It reduces the bike foot-print by storing them vertically. The Wall Dock also supports the bike in a friendly way, as not to damage expensive wheels.

To use, you simply lift the front of the bike and place it's front wheel in the dock. For extra security, users can lock their bike in place with a secure D-lock and for transported bikes 2 Wall Docks can be used for stability.


  • 350mm centre line gap between each wall dock
  • Requires 2x M8 Coach screws/bolts for wall fixing
  • Simple to apply a bike lock to both wheel and frame
  • Fits bikes of different shapes and sizes: mountain, racing, town, bmx and child bikes
  • Easy to use
  • Ask us if you would like a 45 degree angled bracket attached


Dimensions: Length 611mm x Height 291mm x external width 102mm;

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